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    • Friday 27th of January 2017
    • 5:30 pm
    • Palazzo Taurino museum

        Palazzo Taurino museum launches the new project “Your story, our story”, aimed at collecting information about the presence of Jews in Salento.
        Thanks to a new touch screen kiosk, donated by the Belz family, visitors can add information about parents or friends who have been in Puglia after WWII. At 6.00 pm it will be possible to see the preview of  "Memorie di Leuca. Intervista ad un testimone dell’accoglienza salentina ai profughi ebrei" produced by Caroli Hotels, a documentary about Mr. Donato Schirinzi and his experience in Santa Maria di Leuca DP (Displaced Persons) Camp. Afterwards, there will be a videoconference with the nephew of the generous benefactor, a Jewish former refugee in Santa Maria al Bagno, currently living in the USA. For this event, the museum will offer a free guided tour (on reservation).

        Info and reservations:
        Tel. 0832 247016
        Cell +39 3289482091


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        (University of Salento)
        Director: Prof. Fabrizio Lelli
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