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THE THREAD OF HISTORY, by F. Caputo and M. Grasselli. Curator: E. Tedeschi

  • Temporary exhibition

  • September 6, 2020 at 10:30

  • At the Jewish Museum Lecce

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The real benefit of The thread of history is to bring art to unusual places and to show just how much beauty is to be had outside traditional museum itineraries. Margherita Grasselli’s sculptures, on show in a number of historical buildings around the town, are an invitation to discover Jewish culture in the Jewish Museum of Lecce. The sculptures also link to the Museum’s own exhibition, where Federico Caputo’s works seamlessly complement the historic rooms.

So, what does an artist who sews and paints with cotton and wool thread have in common with an artist who sculpts clay?

They both shape materials creating art from basic elements, exalting craftmanship by shaping faces, bodies and objects.

Margherita Grasselli’s sculptures appear rigid but they are soft little girls who wear clothes sewn by Federico Caputo. His fabrics become the common thread that connects the two artists and their materials – so apparently different.

Ten embroidered canvases with Jewish themes are displayed at the Museum. The Jewish culture is represented by a wool thread, while another ten little clay girls will be hosted in the courtyards of Palazzo Adorno, Palazzo dei Celestini and in the Museum itself, dialoging with the history of the buildings and of Lecce itself.

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