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Baroque Lecce is well known, but the 17th century is just a recent part of a long history. The city has been influenced by many ancient and important cultures: Messapians, Greeks, Byzantines, Normans, French Angevins and  Spanish Aragonese.

You are now about to start a journey through the streets and alleys of ancient Medieval Lecce, focusing on its Jewish community. In these evocative underground areas you will be taking a trip in time, discovering the remains of the old giudecca and its inhabitants.

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Via Umberto I n° 9 - 73100 Lecce (LE)
+39 0832 247016
(University of Salento)
Director: Prof. Fabrizio Lelli
Museo Ebraico - Jewish Museum Lecce -
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Museo Ebraico - Jewish Museum Lecce
In cooperation with the University of Salento
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