Museo Ebraico - Jewish Museum Lecce

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REMEMBRANCE BUS - 26/01/2020
  • Bus transfer from Nardò to Lecce (City Bus Terminal). Guided tour of the Jewish Museum and the old Jewish district, led by Fabrizio Lelli (Director of the Museum and professor of Hebrew Studies, University of Salento). Meeting with the Israeli artist Adi Kichelmacher.
  • Bus transfer from Lecce (City Bus Terminal) to Santa Maria al Bagno (Cenate – Nardò). Guided tour of the Museo della Memoria e dell’Accoglienza (Museum of Memory and Welcome).

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Via Umberto I n° 9 - 73100 Lecce (LE)
+39 0832 247016
(University of Salento)
Director: Prof. Fabrizio Lelli
Museo Ebraico - Jewish Museum Lecce -
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Museo Ebraico - Jewish Museum Lecce
In cooperation with the University of Salento
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