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TRACES OF THE TRAIN OF LIFE: between art and documents, not to forget

  • Temporay exhibition "Traces of the train of life: between art and documents, not to forget"

  • Jewish Museum Lecce

  • Opening: Sunday December 1st, 2019

  • Free entrance

Adi Kichelmacher's story is a family story rooted in 20th century in Europe, in the persecution, and daily harassment against Jews, racial laws, and deportations to Nazi death camps. It is also a story of salvation, of wandering, and daring escapes which have allowed the young Adi to be here today to tell the story of her grandparents, and the deep sorrow of broken lives, and transform all this with the language of art. All this comes together in this exhibition, in which Adi stands as a “witness” to her story, which has been handed down to her by her family. Adi looks at the past with the eyes of a contemporary artist who wants, through her works, to launch a message of hope, so that what it was will never be repeated.

I am pleased and honoured to host Adi Kichelmacher's deeply touching exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Lecce. Adi Kichelmacher is an Israeli artist who devotes most of her visual experience to the memory of the Shoah, which constitutes one of the main research topics here at our Museum. Adi’s artistic works highlight the role of those who witnessed, whether first hand or no, the dramatic events that affected not only the individuals but all mankind. Nowadays, when the persistent threats of hatred of the "Other" resurface, lessons from the past and from reinterpretation through art are certainly helpful to create strong values.  These all contribute to the foundation of an active citizenship, in the knowledge that the mistakes of the past must not be repeated in the present and in the future.
Fabrizio Lelli
Director of the Jewish Museum Lecce
Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature, University of Salento

PROGRAMME: Sunday, December 1st, 2019
  • 12:00 am - Press conference
  • 5:00 pm - Opening
This will be followed by Kosher wine tasting offered by Cantine Leuci winery.

Free entrance.

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